Why to study in Britain?

Unique education and training system:
The academic excellence and high quality of the education system in Britain is well known to the world. The British degrees and qualifications are approved, respected and appreciated all over the world.

The certificate that you get will be a crucial base to building a prosperous and stable future. It will promote your aspirations for a life full of success and rewarding financial returns. In addition, the British schools, colleges and universities provide a creative, vibrant learning environment which enables you to develop your scientific and intellectual capabilities.

Quality standards for the British educational institutions are among the best institutions around the world, these institutions are subject to periodic and continuous inspection by organizations working with the Government and the British Ministry of Education to make sure that the programs and curricula meet the standards of quality.

It is noteworthy that many countries are now trying to benefit from the British experience and seeking to build the foundations and principles underlying the control system of the quality of education and training in Britain.

Information about Warnborough

  • Faculty of Warnborough is accredited by ASIC as one of the best colleges that provide excellent service in the UK. It is also accredited by UKBA, where it has the right to magnetize students from outside of the United Kingdom.
  • The college objectives are developing the students’ personal skills and preparing them to the external environment.
  • The college qualifications are recognized by all countries of the world. With these qualifications graduates can work in any of the European Union Countries, America, Canada and Australia.
  • If a student is not mastering the English language skills, he/she will be obliged to join an English language course.
  • The college provides the student with suggestions regarding housing and other topics.
  • The college can also provide housing for the student with a British family for a whole month and have a room in the house within a comprehensive breakfast and dinner. The cost of accommodation per week is (one hundred and twenty sterling pounds) and the amount can be paid in a monthly basis.
  • Students fill a housing form so we can understand their needs and provide the suitable accommodation.
  • Students can share other students and find different housing services through real estate offices.
  • The student has the right to open an account in any British bank in England and if the student has an account in a bank in Egypt, he/she should get a translated copy of the bank statement.
  • College students are advised to insure themselves at the doctor (general practitioner) of the region.
  • Studies duration is nine months, four days a week. Weekly holiday is Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Students are allowed to work twenty hours during the first nine months of studying and forty hours during the last three months.
  • Students will be introduced to different business entities as a paid course.
  • Number of students is ten to fifteen students in each class providing a direct relation between the teacher and the students.
  • You will receive your lectures schedule upon arriving at the college.
  • The student can bring his/her laptop where there is wireless internet access in the college.
  • Discounted flights to Oxford and Cambridge.
  • Field trips to relevant government institutions.
  • Bus rate from London to Canterbury is from 7 to 8 sterling pounds.
  • If you arrived at the airport, four students will receive them free of charge.
  • Train rate is 12 sterling pounds for a round trip with special discounts for students.
  • We advise students not to bring food from outside the country.

Tuition fees are paid in full and the college will send a letter to the student requesting the payment. This letter is one of the embassy’s required documents. We will be helping the student to get 30 points out of the 40 points requested for travelling.

There will be security checks on each student through the embassy and in case of rejection; reimbursement will take place with the exception of bank transfer expenses and supervision fees.

For completing the airport procedures, you have to bring the letter of acceptance from college and register in the police station during the first week.

Ma'adi Branch

  • Maadi
    3b Maadi Corniche, Engineers Building Next to the Nile Badrawi Hospital & HSBC Bank Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
  • Phone
    +20 2 252 83 192
    +20 128 990 60 10
    +20 128 890 4022

Head Office

  • Nasrcity
    73 El Nasr Road Tiba Mall Building
    Nasr City, Cairo
  • Phone
    +20 2 240 26 422
    +20 1280 208 208
    +20 1280 30 90 66

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