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The city of Canterbury located in Kent, South East England is a beautiful and charming city, full of history and tradition. It is also a student city that is home to many students from the nearby universities, colleges and schools.

Canterbury is visited by tourists all year round. Its biggest attraction is, of course, the magnificent Cathedral in the middle of the city. It is probably England's most famous place of worship, being the mother church of the Anglican communion. Canterbury has been a destination for pilgrims for many centuries. This and other aspects of Canterbury's colourful past is humorously captured in Geoffrey Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales".

The city itself is small, encircled by a ring road, yet packed with old and new. One can walk from one end of Canterbury to the other in less than 20 minutes. In between the old majestic (and not so majestic) buildings are modern offices, apartments and shops. Fervent shoppers can hunt for antiques amidst the latest high-street fashion outlets.

Modern Canterbury is multicultural. Being close to Ashford International (the final Eurostar stop in the UK), Canterbury sees many daytrippers from the European continent. As a student city, there are also many scholars who have come to study in Canterbury from all over the world. Listen as you walk along the streets and you will hear Italian voices amid the throng of Japanese language students, flanked by Spanish and Russian accents, with accompanying American twangs. And that does not even take into account the many colourful English dialects that can be found right here in Canterbury. This multi-ethnicity extends to the cuisine. Feel like Vietnamese or Mexican tonight? No problem.

Canterbury is very academic. It is one of the first places in the United Kingdom to formalise education and is home to many prestigious educational institutions. It is this setting that Warnborough College finds itself. A bonus for students who study in Canterbury is that they get to mingle with others like themselves.

The beauty of Canterbury has to be experienced to be believed. It continues to enthrall visitors and its inhabitants to this very day because it succeeds ably in merging its past with the future.

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