Conversation Courses with Native Speaking Instructor

 Conversation Courses with Native Speaking Instructor

AATT offers High quality Intensive Conversation Courses with a native speaking Instructor Interviews held on Sat. March 14

27 hours Conversation(two Levels) with four hours phonetics

course duration :one month two time a week 3 hours per class

course fee: 600 LE + 50 LE  placement  & interview with our instructor

Please call 01280208208 or register Now

 دورة محادثة مكثفة مع محاضر امريكى

تتشرف الاكاديمية العربية لتقنيات التدريب بتقديم دورة محادثه مكثفة مع محاضر اميريكى

يعقد تحديد المستوي والمقابة مع المحاضر يوم السبت 14 مارس

مدة الدورة 24 ساعة 2 مستوى محادثة + 3 ساعات نظام الاصوات الكلامية مدة الدورة شهر يومان بالاسبوع مدة المحاضرة 3 ساعات باليوم الواحد

تكلفة الدورة 600 جنيها بالاضافة الى 50 جنيها لتحديد المستوى و المقابلة مع المحاضر

برجاء الاتصال برقم 01280208208 او التسجيل على الموقع Register now





The focus of the Conversation  English Programme is intensive pro-active learning. Emphasis is on improving proficiency in listening, comprehension, vocabulary, speaking/pronunciation, writing skills and language development. Group activities, role-play, discussions, debates and projects are integrated into the programme

  1. Short and long term courses are offered during the academic year in addition to Summer,  courses.
  2. Conversation l English courses are taught at the four main levels: advanced, upper intermediate, lower intermediate and elementary.
  3. Complete beginners have private teaching (one-to-one) and small group classes (an extra charge applies for private lessons, or the teaching hours are pro rated).
  4. Students may enroll for any Monday intake and for any length of time.
  5. Class size varies between 8 to12 students of mixed nationalities.
  6. Teachers change classes depending on the lessons so students have exposure to several teaching language experts.
  7. Class progression is determined through completion of daily homework and weekly tests.
  8. Students who complete a course of study will be awarded a AATT Certificate of receive an academic report.


Ma'adi Branch

  • Maadi
    3b Maadi Corniche, Engineers Building Next to the Nile Badrawi Hospital & HSBC Bank Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
  • Phone
    +20 2 252 83 192
    +20 128 990 60 10
    +20 128 890 4022

Head Office

  • Nasrcity
    73 El Nasr Road Tiba Mall Building
    Nasr City, Cairo
  • Phone
    +20 2 240 26 422
    +20 1280 208 208
    +20 1280 30 90 66

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