Business English Program

Business English Courses


1- Dealing with people


Dealing in the first time


Offering help and


Describing the events.


2- Projects


How to talk about projects like:






Future projects.


3- Meetings:


How to update


How to give people news


How to give arrangements


How to discuss and give opinions.


4- Telephoning


How to start a phone call


How to make a conversation


How to deal with problems


5- Email:


How to make first contact


How to get something


How to follow up something


How to complain


6- Travel


Dealing with airport problems.


How to eat out


How to give directions.


7- Grammar:


How to use tenses


Make questions


The passive


Pre- intermediate




Dealing with people


How to ask about something


make a suggestion




2- Projects:


How to plan


report and make excuses


justify change


announcing a new project


Feed back on a project.




How to present an idea


How to agree and disagree


How to run a meeting


How to speak to a group


How to interrupt.


4- Socializing


How to meet for the first time


How to tell a story


How to describe someone else


How to deal with offers.


5- Telephoning:


How to survive on the phone


How to check an order


How to discuss documents


How to complain on the phone.


6- Email:


How to write formal mail


How to be friendly in an email.


7- Travel:


How to book


How to check in and out


How to ride in taxis.




1- Managing people


How to be assertive


How to train


How to interview


How to motivate


How to evaluate someone.


2- Managing Projects


How to plan a project


How to discuss resources


How to discuss budgets


How to discuss problems


3-Meetings and




How to link ideas


How to respond to questions


How to lead a meeting


How to reach a conclusion


4- Socializing:


How to make small talk


How to tell a story


How to host a formal event.


5- Telephoning




How to get through to the right person


How to make conferences calls


How to give technical instructions


How to be concise


How to be formal in an email


How to be clear in an email


How to check instructions.




6- Working internationally:


How to make arrangements


How to negotiate


How to write report


How to present yourself in an interview.


7- challenges:


How to use phrasal verbs


How to understand fast speech


How to improve your pronunciation


How to understand different English



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